Gutterline System

Defective roof guttering can be the cause of many damp problems, which can affect the structure of a building right down to the foundations. Gutters are designed to direct rain away from buildings to protect the outer layer of the property. If not properly maintained, water can overflow from blocked or broken gutters and run down the outside wall, eventually causing damage to the structure. This can ruin the quality of the building and encouraging harmful mould growth.

Our team of contractors are all fully trained and experienced in using the Gutterline System, an efficient and cost effective solution designed to cure leaking gutters. Made from a rubberised plygene material, Gutterline systems are hard wearing and carries a 20-year guarantee. Despite its durability it is easily bent to blend in to any gutter profile and will endure extreme temperatures, weather conditions and building movement without splitting or cracking.

The effective Gutterline system creates a sealed, fully waterproof casing for your gutter which prevents water from penetrating behind or beneath it.

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